Megmondtam én, bús gerlice

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Opening lyrics / LabelMegmondtam én, bús gerlice
Location of validityBonchida [Kolozs]
Date of collection1973.10.19
Collector Demény Piroska
Presenter Csoma Ferenc és zenekara
Presentation technique hegedű; kontra; brácsa; bőgő; cimbalom
Genre ritka magyar
End pitch of melody lines b3 (1) 5
Number of syllables 8+8.8+8.8+8.8+8
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Recording identifier Mg - 03823A
MediaZTI_Mg_03823A; ZTI_AP_11052c
Additional informationDialektus: Erdély
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System identifier 18-247-00-00
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